Arrest Warrant Issued For BAM MARGERA After He Got Into A Fight With His Brother And Threatened To Kill Him

Bam Margera 2021

A warrant for Bam Margera‘s arrest is now in effect. As reported by CBS News, Bam allegedly partook in a “physical confrontation” at a location in Chester County, PA, resulting in minor harm. The police statement reveals that Bam engaged in a physical dispute with the injured party, who sustained minor wounds before escaping into a nearby forest region.

Police, who reportedly spoke with the supposed victims – in this instance, Bam‘s family members – state that the ex-Jackass star began pounding on his brother Jesse‘s bedroom door around 8 AM on Sunday, leaving a menacing message behind.

Jesse informed the authorities that the note, signed by Bam, stated, “If you even f***ing think of calling the police on me I will officially f*** you up.”

Jesse further explained that he went downstairs to discover Bam urinating in the kitchen sink, which allegedly led to a physical altercation. According to the documents, Jesse alleges that Bam attacked him, hitting him multiple times in the head, which the police supported in their report by mentioning visible injuries they claim to have observed.

Following the fight, Jesse claims that Bam said “”I’ll kill you. I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

Jesse informed the authorities that Bam supposedly threatened to murder everyone in the residence, which at that moment consisted of his father Phil and two women. According to Jesse, Bam escaped into the forest adjacent to their home following the incident. The police reported that their search for him was unsuccessful.

As you may be aware, Bam has recently been facing numerous challenges in his personal life, which appear to be primarily rooted in his struggles with addiction and substance misuse, along with his excessive partying habits.