Artas – Or et Gomorrha

“Or et Gomorrha” is an album that causes a certain confusion, and at the same time some astonishment, to the listener. First of all there are four languages spoken in it: German, Spanish, Bulgarian, and at last English.  A real UN in a band. Well, as a matter of fact, I really appreciate this kind of thing. Artas explore the language sonance to have a better result with songs. It turns out that some languages seem more aggressive than others, or express better some emotion. Second is that Artas recorded an album with lots of plot twists in styles into Metal’s subgenre. The conducting style is Modern Metal, but it’s not really the rule to “Or et Gomorrha” whose sixteen tracks are very different from each other. On second though, “Or et Gomorrha” is pretty linear until a certain point, I mean until track six “Interlude” and its following “Vida Vale Madre,” where is exactly the point when they change languages from German to Spanish. And change it all as well. From then on, “Or et Gomorrha” is a melting pot of styles into heavy music.

“Or et Gomorrha” kicks off with what seems to be a mix between Modern and Death Metal. I won’t deny it works fine. It really does. All that fuzz and hussle on writing different sounding songs is very healthy and exciting. Are we not always asking bands to vary? Yes, we are. All the time. Well, my child of the night, Artas are everything but a predictable band. Not in this lifetime. As I said, there is a conducting line in it, and it is Modern Metal. But even this conducting line is so full of punk influences which makes songs tasty and more interesting. Ah, I almost forgot. There are very interesting clean chordal sequences in “Or et Gomorrha” as in “Der Sturm” which are very tasty as well and make the album much more of a heavy music melting pot.

“Or et Gomorrha” is an album that requires patience from the listener for all the variation it has herein. If you do, you won’t regret.

Artas “Or et Gomorrha” was self-released on January 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Gegen Dich
  3. Nick und Brich
  4. Wiener Verhältnisse
  5. Im Frieden der Nacht
  6. Interlude #1
  7. Vida Vale Madre
  8. Ne Boltai
  9. Black Pinata
  10. F*ck This Band
  11. Interlude #2
  12. Der Sturm
  13. Feindbild
  14. Der Augenblick
  15. Ora et Gomorrha
  16. Outro

Watch “Or et Gomorrha” official video here: