ARTAS Release ‘Or Et Gomorrah’

It’s been 8 years since ARTAS unleashed their second record “Riotology.” Equally loved and hated by the underground, the band managed to create a loyal fanbase around Europe and the world. In their
founding year 2007, after having played only 7 concerts, ARTAS won the so called Metalchamp-Contest and landed a deal with Napalm Records.
After the release of their debut-album “The Healing,” the band extensively toured Europe and to this day, performed more than 100 concerts. From the first concert on, ARTAS always managed to create a high level of energy through their liveperformance and became a well known entity in the Austrian metal-scene. In 2010, the band fell into a numbness, induced by personal and musical differences.

But now ARTAS are back with their 3rd record “Ora et Gomorrha” – a one-hour long beast, comprising steamrolling riffs, thunderous drums and acrimonious lyrics. Without cliché, more adult and heavier than ever before, the band is ready to reclaim the stages of the world!

Track Listing:
1. Intro (1:11)
2. Gegen Dich (5:44)
3. Nick und Brich (5:26)
4. Wiener Verhältnisse (4:00)
5. Im Frieden der Nacht (3:54)
6. Interlude #1 (1:59)
7. Vida Vale Madre (5:18)
8. Ne Boltai (4:50)
9. Black Pinata (4:11)
10. F**k This Band (3:24)
11. Interlude #2 (1:51)
12. Der Sturm (7:04)
13. Feindbild (4:45)
14. Der Augenblick (5:16)
15. Ora et Gomorrha (7:18)
16. Outro (1:06)

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