As Night Falls – Awareness Review

The term electro gives me the thrills. It sure does. I always get very suspicious when I receive an album which describes the band as electro something. In general, I pass. Not exactly a rule but I pass. Of course, I give the band a try and listen to it for some time. The time dispended depends on the music I hear. Sometimes longer intros make me wait for all hell’s break loose and decide if I will review or not. Most of the times I decided for the band and wirte the review even though I don’t really like the material. In an album with eight or more tracks there is always something that attracts me. And it’s a fair chance.

Ok, here I have As Night Falls with “Awareness” a band that has another poetic moniker that fits perfectly with the band’s musical intent. Of course, one of the reasons I decide pro band was the fact that they are female fronted. Simple as that. As my fans know I love female fronted bands. So, I ignored the electro labeling and put it to play. I have to say that the band surprised me with a consistent and heavy music with very few features of electro or even the Symphonic. Some fans may consider that Symphonic Metal has fallen into the more of the same trap which I strongly disagree. Symphonic Metal bands are the same as other Metal subgenres. There are good bands and there are bad bands. Simple as that. Well, for me, a good band make me have dèjá vus. As Night Falls gave me two. First, it made me remember Deep Sun “Race Against Time” the very first Symphonic band I reviewed here and one of my first reviews. Second, it made remember one of the first Symphonic bands I’ve ever heard Syren’s Call “Fantasea” whose CD I bought because it was very cheap and due to the cover – show of hands who’s never. Anna Achtelik’s voice reminded a lot Valérie Paul’s I must say.

Have I mentioned anything about opening tracks? Probably not, so I will now. “Come and See” is a great opener. It’s heavy and fast paced with a great performance of vocalist Anna Achtelik. Besides being the only track where the fan will find any touches of the so-called electro – thanks God – the track gives a pretty good glimpse of As Night Falls. The electro pass unnoticed for the fan’s a my sake.

Well, if the press release didn’t mention the fact of being a Symphonic Metal band I wouldn’t notice. “Awareness” has very few touches of it in it. It would easily pass as a Power Prog metal. Great album of a great band.

As Night Falls “Awareness” was released on July 01st via Imagine Create Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Come and See
  2. Strength
  3. The Firebrand
  4. Shackles of the Mind
  5. Before We Go Blind
  6. Place in Space and Time
  7. Canceled
  8. Before We Go
  9. Never Look Back
  10. Beginning at the End
  11. Whispering
  12. Awareness
  13. Remember Me