AS WE SUFFER Release Video For New Single ‘Concrete Fist’

Ottawa Groove Metal band AS WE SUFFER are releasing their debut album The Fallen Pillars on April 30th, 2021. The band unveils their third single “Concrete Fist”, a rooted groove metal track inspired by the likes of DEVILDRIVER and LAMB OF GOD. This single charges on, bringing the listener into its world of violent reform, heavy from start to finish with a hardcore breakdown and killer solo. Lyrically, this song is about making a stand through violent uprising with the caveat that this kind of solution often comes at the sacrifice of a healthy mind.

Make sure to check out the new lyrics video for the track “Concrete Fist” below.

AS WE SUFFER‘s debut full length is an amalgamation of several heavy subgenres rolled into one. Hovering between metal-infused punk, hardcore, groove metal, and even a little hard rock, listeners go on a journey through each track. The track listing for the album was picked with diversity in mind. Each song stands out in contrast to the last. 

The concept album’s theme revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society/people, should not prop up as truths. It is a journey of unhealthy and damaging thoughts/emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism, and truth through different styles of heavy music.

Recommended for fans of Machine Head, Propagandhi and Death by Stereo, AS WE SUFFER‘s debut album The Fallen Pillars is due out April 30, 2021.

The Fallen Pillars Track Listing:
1. Caustic Paradigm (2:58)
2. Malicious Compliance (3:24)
3. An Open Letter (to the Bleeding Hearts) (2:41)
4. F**king Relentless (2:28)
5. Invade The Host (3:21)
6. The Great Leveler (3:51)
7. High Tide (3:32)
8. Scatter The Herd (2:25)
9. Shadows Caste In White (4:44)
10. Concrete Fist (2:59)
11. The Fallen Pillars (5:17)