Ashen Horde – Nine Plagues

cover Extreme metal is such an all encompassing phrase for several sub-genres of metal that some bands can only be defined solely as extreme metal, and one such band is Ashen Horde as their upcoming album “Nine Plagues” combines elements of death, black, and prog metal along with a tinge of grindcore to create a truly raw album that holds nothing back. “Nine Plagues” even goes as far as to incorporate horror metal into the mix and making the album about the story of the inhabitants of a small village as they are invaded and forced into an unforgiving winter wasteland, and with each song details a different “plague” that befalls the refugees. Definitely something that one genre along cannot encompass for sure, and Ashen Horde hits the nail square on the head with this album as everything is done as well it could possibly be. The vocals are very much akin to those of black metal to blackened death which gives all of “Nine Plagues” an intense feel to it that is only amplified by the powerful guitars which is where I believe the grindcore makes its occasional appearance. Then the drums are just all over the place as they have a wicked beat throughout each and every track which keeps the music all the more alive and does not let a single dull moment to come up not even once. Overall, Ashen Horde have done a very nice job with “Nine Plagues” as they manage to mash so much together and actually make it sound good without it even seeming difficult, not to mention it being a great concept album as well.

“Nine Plagues” comes out December 15th, and you can listen to Ashen Horde‘s previous album, “Sanguinum Vindicta”, on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Desecration of the Sanctuary
  2. Sans Apricity
  3. Feral
  4. Famine’s Feast
  5. The Stranger
  6. Atra Mors
  7. Dissension
  8. Isolation
  9. A Reversal of Misfortune