Asphagor – The Cleansing

The most gratifying thing in this job is the fact that in order to write about a band we must look for its identity. As a matter of fact, and job, we receive many bands. It is a fact, not so well understood by the common media, metal bands differ from each other. A lot. We metalheads know it. So it is a natural thing that we cannot write the same things about bands. They are different. Thus we have got to listen carefully, as all bands deserve, an find a stapler in each of them. It takes time, and some experience.

Marx used to say that history repeats itself as a farse. What he wanted to say is that even the more similar events in history are unique; no one is the same. To bands we apply the same motto. But it is also a fact that there is no spontaneous generation, nothing comes out of the blue in terms of music. Asphagor, the band in review, in order to build their unique sound, apply lots of extreme metal influences. Well trained ears can notice it clearly. There are punk hardcore dashes in the first two tracks, “The Delphic Throne” and “Sun Devourer,” as most 1980s extreme metal bands. There is also some Slayer here, some Venom there. As long as “The Cleansing” goes, Asphagor apply some 1990s black metal influences. It means “The Cleansing” gets more melodic with a strong grip of sonic violence as in “(In the) Sea of Empty Shells.” The outcome is a modern extreme metal band dealing with sonic contrasts. A band that deals with their own limits to pursue their own musical identity. So, Asphagor got it right. “The Cleansing” is a very good effort for whom is well acquainted with modern extreme metal.

Remarkable are the last two tracks and their plot twists and art rock influences creating such a beautiful texture of sound that reminds Dire Straits. “Aurora Nocturna” has the most beautiful ending part with a catchy, and odd, chorus; on the other hand, the title track “The Cleansing” is simply a masterpiece of progressive black metal.

Asphagor will fulfill their “The Cleansing” on May 05th via Black Sunset / MDD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Delphic Throne
  2. Sun Devourer
  3. The Solipsist
  4. (In The) Sea Of Empty Shells
  5. 101815
  6. Ardor
  7. Circle Of Abaddon
  8. Monodia (He, My Wall)
  9. Aurora Nocturna
  10. The Cleansing

Watch “(In The) Sea Of Empty Shells” official video here: