Asphyx – Necroceros (Review)

Asphyx Necroceros

When it comes to influential bands throughout death metal, there really is no shortage of bands that we could talk about is there? It’s one of the greatest things about the style with it only now getting ready to become forty years roughly since its inception, and there’s an absolute laundry list of names that have left a massive impact on the style. Many would say this band is chief among them, and it’s certainly not an unfair judgment to make given the name’s connotation, but far too many talk about Asphyx in the past tense with the modern form that the name has become is more than worthy of that massive mantle of a reputation that looms above them at all times. Any new material with this name attached to it is worthy of grand celebration for we are almost assuredly promised something awesome by all regards, and that proves no different today! In every way, Asphyx has come back to us with another tremendous effort that takes the form of “Necroceros” whose raw power compiles all light and life within its core to only then explode it outwards in terrible fashion.

If I were to sit here and scan the entirety of the English language to think of a singular word that could encapsulate all that is to be had within the ten tracks of “Necroceros”, I’d have but one choice: meaty. That’s a paltry word if you haven’t heard all that Asphyx brings to the table here, but I can promise you with absolute certainty that it fits. For what else could the possible next step for such a band like this be? Their sound has been virtually monolithic since their first album, and with a modern world and ravenous fanbase behind them, it’s only natural to assume that they’d cater to the fans in a way that doesn’t betray their style or passion, but, rather, furthers both bonds to deliver us a performance that’s as massive as it is heavy! Right from the f*cking beginning, “Necroceros” holds nothing back by drawing blood right out of the gate. A much stronger approach to the death metal side of their side while still including some massive passages of doom is what’s to be expected for anyone who ventures into “Necroceros” for the first time, and it’s through the winding hallways of rot, fleshed-wreathed bone, and absolute agony that one will discover the grandeur that Asphyx has complete control of in all of these massive tracks. It’s a constant assault of undeniable riffage paired with a massive force that can only be played at maximum volume as Asphyx burrows their way deep into your skull such that even well after listening to “Necroceros”, you’ll be left wriggling for more as the power held within the record is intoxicating to the highest order. Nothing new for the likes of this band, but it’s still so delicious! The devastating display of power that’s shown around every corner throughout this record is something that cannot be taken lightly, and any fan of the style will find themselves enraptured by what Asphyx has accomplished here, and, really, was there any other outcome that could have possibly happened?

I’d say this record is a surprise, but, again, what else could we have expected from such a massive name in the game? Asphyx has been a periodic deliverer of excellence throughout its entire existence with each and every record being something to be celebrated in its entirety, and it’s only natural that “Necroceros” should continue that trend. Everything about it is massive right from the onset and every facet of the performances that follow shows us that Asphyx is still very much an act that’s relevant with a massive place in the world despite the many changes that it has gone through over the years.

“Necroceros” releases on January 22nd via Century Media! You can pre-order the album via multiple sources here, and listen to the new single, “The Nameless Elite”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:
1. The Sole Cure Is Death
2. Molten Black Earth
3. Mount Skull
4. Knights Templar Stand
5. Three Years Of Famine
6. Botox Implosion
7. In Blazing Oceans
8. The Nameless Elite
9. Yield Or Die
10. Necroceros