ASPIDIUM Know The ‘Harmagedon’

The term ‘catharsis’ – Greek for ‘purification’ – is known as the hypothesis that living out internal conflicts and buried (suppressed) emotions results in a reduction of these conflicts and feelings. Not by accident, ASPIDIUM has dedicated the instrumental of its debut album “Manifestum” to this topic.

ASPIDIUM arose out of a solo project of Kurt ‘Jason’ Kelderer beginning of 2017 in Abtsgmünd. Jason already has played bass guitar for many years in several bands, but in none of them, he was able to realize his personal ideas of music.

Hence, at the beginning of 2017 he started to put his emotions into songs and to fulfill his musical visions, his manifest. The foundation of ASPIDIUM had been set.

At the beginning planed as mere solo project, ASPIDIUM evolved to a German/Italian band project with the entry of Benni Leiter from South Tyrol on the guitar.

Together the first CD “Manifestum” was released in 2018. The recordings were made by Lukas Flarer at the Sound Control Studio in Meran, the cover artwork was taken over by Dani Hofer from South Tyrol.

In the course of 2019, the new songs for the second album “Harmagedon” were created also as a solo project, which was recorded in proven cooperation with Lukas Flarer.

For the cover artwork, Dani Hofer could be won again. The release of “Harmagedon” is planned for April 18, 2020. Live on stage Kurt Jason Kelderer is supported by Susi Hartmann, Thomas Altmann and Emil Herrmann.

“Why does a BLACK DEATH METAL band need to write necessarily its songs in English”, Jason asks into the scene. ASPIDIUM is unconventional and does not like to be put into a box. Rules, clichés and ready-made opinions are there to be broken, according to the bandleader.

Thus ASPIDIUM combines German lyrics with uncompromising Black Death without any blinders. Socially critical lyrics that put their finger on the weak spots of our time, without the stereotypical thinking attached to Black or Death Metal, characterizes ASPIDIUM.

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