Assassin – Holy Terror/The Saga of Nemesis Review

First the name of the band rang a bell and I thought that came to mind was the British NWOBM Assassin. With a quick look I discovered it wasn’t. The name that came to my logs was the German Thrash Metal band which according to Encyclopaedia Metallum split-up in 1989. This decision was due to an unfortunate event in which the band’s equipment (instruments and other stuff) was stolen. The members had no money to buy new gear, so they decided to split-up. As things didn’t add up I had to check the info I received from the band and compare it to Encyclopaedia Metallum because the file I received was about a Crossover band – the term in the 1980s to bands that mixed Hardcore and Metal. Not Thrash as the sublime source was telling me. After checking and comparing both infos I came to the conclusion I was talking about the same band.

Alright, things set up it’s time to say a few words about this compilation of two demos 1985’s “Holy Terror” and 1986’s “The Saga of Nemesis.” First things, first. I’m writing the review and listening to the play and the thought that came immeadiately to mind was to check if the demos had singularities between them. Well, not really. Though “Into War” the intro to “The Saga of Nemesis” leads the fan to a pretty different direction, first track “Forbidden Reality” follows the same path “Holy Terror” paved, though a little more Metal. Right, that put I have to say that this album is perfect to the fan understand how the mix between Metal music and Hardcore was forged. Both demos show in details how the elements of Hardcore were brought into Metal and dealt with. The guitars show it perfectly because the songs herein combine techniques of both genres and how they were evolving into acquiring more Metal features. I don’t have to say that to me this is timeless masterpiece. Little by little elements of Metal music as twin guitars and guitar duels were being introduced as in “Holy Terror” – the track would be released in the 1987’s full length album “Upcoming Terror.” It’s really impressive the power and punch the album has. It’s really something like taking a punch from any heavyweight straight in the face. “Nemesis,” on the other, sounds much more Hardcore than Metal and the tons of aggression it delivers is really impressive. The track is hard, fast, fierce, and cruel.

Needless to say that Assassin “Holy Terror/The Saga of Nemesis” is a must have, a must purchase and a lot of musts.

P.S.: Later while looking for the video to upload here I discovered the band that rang the bell in my mind was, in fact, this one I’m reviewing now. My bad. It happens to the best families, my child of the night. In time, there is no NWOBHM Assassin. My bad again.

Assassin “Holy Terror/The Saga of Nemesis” will be released on March 12th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

Holy Terror (1985)

  1. The Damned (Intro)
  2. Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)
  3. Holy Terror
  4. Religion
  5. Bullet
  6. Assassin
  7. Speed of Light

The Saga of Nemesis (1986)
8. Into War (Intro)
9. Forbidden Reality
10. Holy Terror
11. Nemesis
12. Speed of Light

Watch “Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)” official video here: