ATHERIS ‘Make / Believe’

Atheris were formed in 2017 from the ashes of their prior, much less hard-hitting musical endeavours together. The band kept their high-energy, deeply melodic streak and bolstered this with heavier, grooving riffs, aggressive drum style, and technical guitar playing. Not the Metal band to simply just go out to prove themselves heavier than the rest, Atheris have a keenly developed sense of light and shade, creating music that is technical yet accessible, leaving something on offer for everyone. Those searching for gut-busting screams and blast beats can find these elements in Atheris‘ music, and those searching for music to which they can relate and hold onto, sing in the car and feel each and every note can find this in Atheris. Stitched into all of this is a clear identity and direction, despite the diversity of their musicality. All to often, we can find that one track by an artist we’ve never heard that we love, but find that there’s nothing else like that from that artist. Atheris deliver music that is diverse enough to be continually surprised by, but with a strong enough sense of identity and purpose that this never appears contrived or wishy-washy. The longer you look, the more you will find – every time.

Guitarist and lead vocalist, Matt Edwards, Bassist, Ollie Cladd, and Rhythm Guitarist, Steve initially met through their time studying Music at college. They formed a band with their prior drummer during these times and built a wealth of experience in writing, recording, performing, and working with some incredibly experienced and talented musicians and industry specialists.

Their initial band parted ways, however, with the mutual decision that their music was no longer representative of their selves, having played together from teenage years to adulthood (The band’s initial name, thought up for an in joke, was ‘Smoking Zebras’ – to give you a reference point). Atheris reformed in 2017 and released their debut self-titled EP, which was produced by the incredibly well-respected Jimi Stix. Atheris have since followed this up with their late 2019 album, “Make/Believe” – an album of 10 tracks with a running time of almost an hour, featuring the 10 minute brutally chaotic instrumental track of the same name, to again give some context as to where the musical sensibilities of the band lays.

The first track, “Crestfall” features the band’s prior drummer, John-Henry Peirano, who parted ways with the band during pre-production for personal reasons, and the remaining nine tracks feature Atheris’ current drummer, Jordan Graham, who worked with Ollie in years passed in the very different sounding band Atlantic Avenue. “Make/Believe” was released on the 20th of November 2019, and the band are an unsigned, somewhat hidden, Metal music gem.

Band Line-Up:

Matt Edwards – Vocals / Guitars / Piano / Arrangements
Ollie Cladd – Bass / Vocals
Jordan Graham – Drums
Steve – Guitars / Vocals / Arrangements

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