Atlantean Kodex – The Course of Empire

To begin with go right to the title track “The Course of Empire” which, as usual and as an unsung  tradition, is easily the best track of “The Course of Empire.” The big and epic cadence bring all an enchantment to the fans who listen to it.

Now we need a minute of reflection to go on with our review. You know that I never make pums or pranks with bands and all, but I do make some weird and peculiar comparisons. But do pay close, but real close attention to Markus Becker’s voice. Does it not remember a lot Jon Bon Jovi’s? Hum? Doesn’t it? Ah, come on. You don’t have to say that you like Bon Jovi, we all know that many listen to them hidden somewhere, or have some hidden tracks in their player. Yeah, I know that because I’m in no way ashamed to say that I liked the band a lot. I’d rather say still do like their old stuff. No, nothing from the 1990s. Well, the line has been drawn allowing us to extend our reflexions to Atlantean Kodex music. Of course, I won’t compare it to Bon Jovi. Won’t I? Nah, I’ll resist.

As I said right in the beginning of this review, Atlantean Kodex like their music big and epic. That’s what they do. All ten songs of “The Course of Empire” have those singalong choruses that make us proud of being heavy metallers. Try “The Innermost light” and tell me if I’m right or wrong. It’s not the longest song of  “The Course of Empire”, but it does bring many emotions to the fan. Many emotions, I must say. Atlantean Kodex’s deal sure it is to play with the hidden emotions inside the chest of bangers. Any problem with that? I don’t. As I’ve been telling you for some time, Heavy Metal does that all the time. Tell that to “A Secret Byzantium” a long and epic and emotional track which arises lots of feelings.

Well, some may say it’s cheezy what Atlantean Kodex do, but I guess they really don’t care. I don’t either. “The Course of Empire” is an album to keep.

Atlantean Kodex “The Course of Empire” was released on September 13th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Alpha and the Occident
  2. People of the Moon (Dawn of Creation)
  3. Lion of Chaldea
  4. Chariots
  5. The Innermost Light
  6. A Secret Byzantium
  7. He Who Walks behind the Years
  8. Spell of the Western Seas
  9. Die Welt von gestern

Watch “People of the Moon (Dawn of Creation)” official video here: