Atlas Pain – Tales of a Pathfinder

“Tales of a Pathfinder” opens up with a classical music oriented intro which is a long time tradition that HM bands carry on. To be frank, all “Tales of a Pathfinder” has here and there touches of classical music to embellish and give a more epic mood to the album. I really don’t know why classical music touches give Metal a kind of more epic mood, but bands do know and use this feature a lot. Coming to think of it, it’s funny to see how classical music and Metal walk hand to hand. Atlas Pain use this feature with dextery and reason because its misuse can make Metal music boring, however when it’s well used it highlights the music. This is what happens here in “Tales of a Pathfinder,” a very good example of how classical music can be used to give Metal music some more emotion and punch. Yeah, punch, that’s right.

If I may, I’d like you to go straight ahead to the ninth track called “Homeland” which is a great example of what I’m trying to tell you. No wonder it’s the longest track of “Tales of a Pathfinder,” but it’s worth every single minute. The guitar phrase that opens it is very sensitive and inspired giving just the right dose of emotion and passion. Do you remember what I told about passion and Metal bands? Well, here we’ve got a great example. But the better is still to come. The way vocals match with instrumental is colossal. The contrast of the sweet guitar phrase with the harsh vocals plus a chorus is remarkable. I bet that by the middle of it you will be staring at the skies with that look. If you can take it until the piano starts, you are a cold hearted metalhead – hahahahaha. And if you don’t even sing along the guitar phrases, man, you’ve got something wrong inside!

Stay away from “Tales of a Pathfinder” if you don’t like strong emotion. This is an album planned to make you sing along and feel whatever you desire to feel.

Atlas Pain “Tales of a Pathfinder” was released on April 19th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Coldest Year
  2. The Moving Empire
  3. Hagakure’s Way
  4. ᅮdaudlegur
  5. The Great Run
  6. KIa Kaha
  7. Baba Jaga
  8. Shahrazad
  9. Homeland
  10. The First Sight of a Blind Man

Watch “Homeland” official video here – I told you so: