ATOMIC KAVEMEN Are Bringing Their Prehistoric Garage Rock To Audiences Far Beyond The Oakland Cave From Whence They Came

“Atomic Kavemen have been a band on the radar of Mind Noise Network for quite a few months now, with a raw stripped back PunkNRoll vibe that nods towards the low end rumble of Motörhead, mixed with the distinct vocal delivery of Glenn Danzig.” – Mind Noise Network 

Oakland rockers Atomic Kavemen are bursting out of the garage and onto the national music scene with their debut self-titled EP.  Channeling Danzig‘s ironic croon, vocalist Morey Straus leads an outfit that’s been called everything from “proto grunge” and “punk n roll” to “radioactive garage metal” by critics.  What’s certain, though, is Atomic Kavemen’s undeniable catchiness.  Straus is joined by guitarist George Keenan, bassist Todd Salomon, and drummer James Kilpatrick for chunky grooves that are sure to please horror punks, metalheads, and grungers alike.

Formed in July 2018, Atomic Kavemen wasted no time getting into the studio to create a strong debut.  The EP opens with powerful Nirvana-meets-Misfits rocker “Walking Away” and slides into “Slam Hammer,” a rousing track that Music Interview Magazine called “an evil creation.”   “Shining” takes an unexpected turn with an ominous verse unfolding into a hopeful chorus reminiscent of The Ramones covering “What a Wonderful World.” “Nowhere” and “Never Release You” tell nightmarish tales of the darkness that has stayed within the human mind despite all of its supposed evolution.  The EP closes with bluesy “Gunshot,” showing yet another facet to this rising band.

Atomic Kavemen look forward to playing across the western United States in 2019, bringing their prehistoric garage rock to audiences far beyond the Oakland cave from whence they came.  Download their EP here.

Atomic Kavemen are:

James Kilpatrick – Drums
Todd Salomon – Bass
George Keenan – Guitar
Morey Straus – Howls