Atomwinter – Catacombs

Interested in some genuine old school death metal pounding?

If you are, here is Atomwinter with “Catacombs” for you.

Atomwinter with “Catacombs” are a band that really learned all the tricks from old school death metal bands. It is the return of the old wrath. Atomwinter’s powerful rhythm section and voluminous drive the attention. The prominance of the bass in most of the songs clearly shows how it can be such a strengthful instrument.  But do not go on thinking that “Catacombs” is an album of only in the speed of light songs.  There are moments that the speed is left behind  in the sake of more violent aggresion as in “Sadistic Intent.” Sometimes the cadence is almost a militar one with touches of the 1980s punk hardcore, a clear influence to 1990s death metal.

“Catacombs” is a cry out for a return to the roots. Songs like “Funeral of Flesh” are a good example of how sonic power and violence can be masterly used in a turnout of tempos and cadences. To be fair enough, Atomwinter do that all the time in “Catacombs.” Though its raw and straight ahead attitude, Atomwinter are able to lead the fan to a full level of satisfaction in “Catacombs.” As I always, we like it raw sometimes.

Atomwinter’s vocal is also responsable for the 1990s attitude. With a gritier voice than gutural, O. Holzschneider does the job as easily as he can. In the tittle track, “Catacombs,” he howls some onomatopoeia that gives an interesting atmosphere to the song. Most notably, as the quoted 1980s hardcore.

Atomwinter’s “Catacombs” has no undesired surprises, and that is a good thing nowadays. “Catacombs” release will be on February 09th via Trollzone.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Catacombs
  3. Dark Messiah
  4. Sadistic Intent
  5. Ancient Rites
  6. Gathering of the Undead
  7. Carved in Stone
  8. Necromancer
  9. Morbid Lies
  10. Funeral of Flesh

Watch “Necromancer” official audio clip here: