ATROPHY Frontman Offers Update On First Album In Nearly 30 Years


ATROPHY frontman Brian Zimmerman recently talked to Chris Forbes of MetalCore Fanzine about the band’s career, breakup and reunion, and other sorts of things.

Zimmerman also offered an update on the long-awaited new ATROPHY album, which will be their first in nearly two decades. When asked how many tunes they have worked on and whether they are done, and if the band is shopping for labels or planning to self-release the record, he said:

Yes, we have been working on some new music some is done, some is close to being done, that is our plan to shop it, but we’ve also talked about doing it ourselves because a lot of these labels are offering absolutely nothing except to release it, hell we can do that ourselves! It’s definitely different because we have different people in the band in 30 years has passed , but we’re trying to stay true to our roots and what made us popular in the first place! We just have to wait and see with the receptions going to be, because you never know.

ATROPHY – who released only two studio albums in their initial career, 1989’s “Socialized Hate” and 1990’s “Violent By Nature” – reformed in 2015 after a 20-plus year hiatus, and their current lineup features three fifths of the original lineup (vocalist Brian Zimmerman, bassist James Gulotta and drummer Tim Kelly) as well as two new guitarists Casper Garrett and Bobby Stein.