atWood – At Odds

Time changes everything. It’s not easy to accept that the more you age the more things change. It is so because of the things that were heartwarming to you have already changed. Things change and change fast. Faster than us mere mortals can go with. In music things change even faster. In ten or less years a complete scene has changed so much that it can’t be recognizable. Or worst, it can be gone. The ship of history has sailed.

atWood are a band that flertes with the so-called Heavy-pop, or, I mean, what I remind that was called Heavy-pop. It isn’t called this way anymore. The Heavy-pop I know was a mix of Metal sugared with romantic songs even though it was heavy. Well, for some ears. Heavy-pop was why Speed and Power Metal appeared, also Extreme Metal. What atWood do in “At Odds” is a mix of nu Metal, Heavy Metal, and pop and the outcome is an album that sounds a lot like Evanescence. I forgot to add in the formula certain doses of Prog Metal, very small ones, but still there are some. There are lots of pianos and eletronic effects that give the tone of the songs as in “Black Mirror.” Electronic effects sometimes lead the way. But that’s the way it is now, or isn’t because this formula went well in the beginning of the millennium. So, the term pop doesn’t go so well because as we all know pop refers tro something that is still on. Or retropop if that exists.

If you ears are a Symphonic or Gothic Metal fan, you’ll enjoy “At Odds” because its elements are very near it. Well, I’m always very kind to female fronted bands and vocalist – I couldn’t get her name – sings pretty well. I dare to say that the highlight of atWood and “At Odds” is her beautiful voice. Speaking of these days that’s a lot, my child of the night.

atWood “At Odds” was released in 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. Black Mirror
  2. Collision
  3. Empty Room
  4. Waves
  5. Zero

Watch “Black Mirror” official audio video here: