Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

Audiotopsy-Natural Causes 16_Page_Booklet.indd  I remember hearing Audiotopsy’s first single, “Headshot”, and making a mental note to check these guys out when their debut album, “Natural Causes”, drops. And I can tell you with my full heart and complete honesty that this album is just what the doctor ordered as this album is heavy, it’s got a nice melodic kick to it, and it has got a plethora of tracks to choose from each with its own varying degrees of badassery. The guitars, bass, and drums have a fantastic sound all throughout “Natural Causes” and the style changes as the album goes on while still retaining it’s general groove and aggressiveness. Of all the things that took me time to get used to, the vocals were the only things that I had to agree with. Over time, though, I grew to like them quite a bit even though I do prefer them when they’re more intense, but that’s just me. There was a nice flow in each track that really went well with the overall sound that Audiotopsy was creating, and while one track does not flow into the next (there is one exception) there is still a nice feel as this band nails on knowing how to lead the ending of one track into the beginning of the next. And if you’re worried that there will be a lack of sick riffs that really pull you in, grabbing your attention, then stop because “Natural Causes” has more than enough hooks to keep you satisfied for days if all you want is a nice hook. Overall, this album is not perfect by a sizable margin, but it has a fantastic sound and feel that proves Audiotopsy can make some high quality metal on a future album if there will even be one. And if there will be then I will be all over that because “Natural Causes” has earned Audiotopsy a new fan with me.

“Natural Causes” comes out October 2nd via Napalm Records. You can listen to the single “Headshot” via SoundCloud here and then purchase the full album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Headshot
  2. All We Know
  3. LYLAB
  4. The Calling
  5. H2O (Interlude)
  6. Swin
  7. Disguise Your Devils
  8. Burn the Sky
  9. Distorted
  10. Darken the Rainbow
  11. Frozen Scars
  12. Natural Causes (Outro)