Aura Noir – Aura Noire

Aura Noir’s thrash is a bit different from average because it is not so fast. The typical thrash aggression is taken from the raspy vocals and mesmerizing instrumentals. Another major characteristic is not using easy melodies. There are no sing along choruses, no sing along melodies at all. Just pure violence in the form of music.

Songs like “Hell’s Lost Chambers” are to me much more connected to today’s black metal than to thrash due to the dense atmosphere created. Atmosphere soon broke by the following song, “The Obscuration,” which has an interesting high pitched guitar riff leading it. By the way, the guitar shows the way in this song due to its creative passages. “The Obscuration” is followed by a true speed metal track, “Demonic Flow.” Those tracks show perfectly Aura Noir’s thing, which is a 1980s black thrash with some dashes of speed metal, but just a few. It reminds a lot German bands like Tyrant and early Running Wild. I guess that is the perfect image to Aura Noir, 1980s german speed/thrash.

Aura Noir’s intent allows the band to have nonliner songs, I mean, songs are sometimes very different in speed, cadence, and instrumentals. That is what 1980s bands used to do. In some ways, extreme metal bands killed that intent writing songs that due to its speed got so similar. For our’s sake the 1990s came to destroy all that. Take “Outro” and “Dark Lung of the Storm” for instance. So different to the point they do not look they were from the same band. Pretty healthy to me.

“Aura Noire” is a vibrant effort. You can feel all the power, anger, rage, and rebellion in your bones. That is what HM is for. That is okay to have more melodies, but one can never forget that HM is the rebellion itself. There is no purpose in sugaring and watering it so much. It happened in the 1980s and then came the grunge. The rest is history.

Aura Noir “Aura Noire” will see the light of day on April 27th via Indie Recordings.

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Lung of the Storm
  2. Grave Dweller
  3. Hell’ Lost Chamber
  4. The Obscuration
  5. Demoniac Flow
  6. Shades Ablaze
  7. Mordant Wind
  8. Cold Bone Grasp
  9. Outro

Watch “Dark Lung of the Storm” official video here: