Auri – II Those We Don’t Speak Of Review

I really praise all the musical diversity, and other diversities, that the fan can experiment on today’s Metal music. I’ve just came from an Extreme Metal band with all the wraith and fury to a band with all the heart and subtle emotion this Auri “II Those We Don’t Speak Of” delivers the fan. However, as odd it may seem, both albums have a point in common which is the view of the afterlife world. Carniflex’s “Graveside Confessions” is all about the those we don’t speak of. I’ll elaborate. All civilizations had their taboos and from those taboos there were names that couldn’t be ever spoke of. In a sense, there is still this sense in our modern society. There are names we don’t speak of. I, for instance, don’t say the name of a very famous band that starts with the M… Not to mention the classic psychic horror movie of the same name.

Well, to be really frank and honest with you my fan and child of the night, Auri “II Those We Don’t Speak Of” from where I’m standing isn’t a Metal effort. Maybe because it has the hands and touch of Nightwish’s Tuomas Holopainen it catches the eye of Metal community. But hold your horses and keep cool. It doesn’t mean that the album isn’t good or worth listening. No, no, on the contrary. The music in here touches trhe hearts and souls of a large parcel of Metal community. It’s something as if Nightwish didn’t have the guitars and the drumming and the bass. Something like that. “II Those We Don’t Speak Of” is an album of telling tales or as the press release says “in the fleeting moments between the state of being awake and reaching the doors of dreamworld lies a borderland whence comes the mood music of ancient stories told – the celestial unison of three creative souls known as AURI.”

When I listen to a track as “The Long Walk” the comparison I made doesn’t seem to outrageous. The track really sounds as if it were Nightwish’s without the guitars and drumming. It’s a song Nightwish could have recorded for sure. I’m not harsh or anything like this, I mean, I just want to give my fan the exact music one will find in “II Those We Don’t Speak Of.” As I said the comparison I made doesn’t sound too outrageous if the fan listen to all the album. Auri are more angelical with the voice of Johanna Kurkela whose voice sounds like Renaissance. Same mooding and themes. As the grand finale the fan has the enchanting ballad “Fireside Bard” featuring Tuomas Holopainen’s voice.

Auri “II Those We Don’t Speak Of” will be released on September 03rd via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Those We Don’t Speak of
  2. The Valley
  3. The Duty of Dust
  4. Pearl Diving
  5. Kiss the Mountain
  6. Light and Flood
  7. It Takes Me Places
  8. The Long Walk
  9. Scattered to the Four Winds
  10. Fireside Bard

Watch “Pearl Diving” official lyric video here: