Author & Punisher – Beastland

Industrial metal acts are a paradoxical thing. They make their careers mixing up influences that for most are unmixable. Sometimes the outcome is good, sometimes not that much. But Metal throughout the years has specialized in mixing the unmixable. It’s a fact that some bands have done the impossible, or at least, unwanted.

Industrial metal bands have hard balance to achieve because  they are a mix of traditional instrumentals and eletronic effects. Sometimes eletronic effects are more present than the instrumental and that’s a problem when you are a Metal band. This balance is so hard to achieve.

Author & Punisher in “Beastland” use and abuse of effects on the first role of tracks, to then slow down and give a chance to traditional instrumentals. The intent is to create an intense chaos. Industrial metal is the chaos itself and “Beastland” represents it very well. It’s like being in a turmoil of eletronic effects and pounding drumming. From “Nazarene” on take cool on hardcore eletronic to choose a far more traditional sonance. Clean vocals take over to almost recrieate a 1980s gothic scene. 1980s goths are pioneers on this kind of sonance. Author & Punisher get very near this sonance. Funny to say that, but the band sounds almost a normal band from them on. A hard thin to say, but true anyway.

Industrial metal bands try to imagine a world full of chaos and disorder, and they are very well suceeded in that. But the reality is far more disturbing than fiction which Author & Punisher keep very clear. Author & Punisher in “Beastland” did a pretty good job in the beginning to warn us about the present, not only the future. It’s a natural thing. A band has to express itself in many ways, and sometimes slowing down is it.

Author & Punisher “Beastland” will be released on October 05th via Relapse Records.

P.S.: What a great cover!

Track Listing:

  1. Pharmacide
  2. Nihil Strength
  3. Ode to Bedlam
  4. The Speaker Is Systematically Blown
  5. Nazarene
  6. Apparition
  7. Night Terror
  8. Beastland

Watch “Nihil Strength” offical video here: