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Opal Ocean – The Hadal Zone Review

This review goes to the ones that love purely instrumental acoustic albums with a spanish guitar touch. First thing that came to my mind...
Eremit Bearer Of Many Names

Eremit – Bearer of Many Names Review

     German doom mongers Eremit cram so much into the three songs on Bearer of Many Names that they leave a trail of...

Rhapsody of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero Review

First I was willingly avoiding to review Rhapsody of Fire "I'll Be Your Hero." Calm down, my dear child of the night, I don't...

Krilloan – Stories of Times Forgotten Review

Wanna be introduced to a band that plays the Power Metal as it should be perfomed? A band that could be taken as an...

Hellsike! – Insanitarium Review

Metal music is such a splendor thing. Once in a while we receive bands that aren't exactly what a fan would dream of. I...