Avandra – Descender

I dare you to find another musical movement which allows you to go from a filthy blood mayhem to a chic and pompous act. There is no other that allows you to make it possible as Metal. Just the other review I wrote about an old school Black Metal band, and now I’m writing about a Prog Metal one. All of them with the surname Metal. Whatever are the differences among all Metal subgenres, what bonds them is far more important; the prone to the majestic, the pride of playing a music of power, heart and soul, the feeling of belonging to a immense brotherhood. Those are more important then everything.

As a voice which translates into music all human feelings, Metal has throughout the years evolved and diverted. A band as Avandra with “Descender” shows that perfectly because it’s a living proof that in Metal musicians can explore all their talent and resources to express themselves and whatever they are feeling. Avandra has chosen a more prog approach with some touches of the 1990s which are revealed by the voice though many would think that they come from the 1970s. The very well-tuned and beautiful voice of vocalist Christian Ayala Cruz allows Avandra to go on diverse paths embellished by sharp and deep-cut guitar interventions as we can notice in “Beyond the Threshold Part 1 – Helios Awakens” and “Beyond the Threshold Part 2 – Helios Descends” where Avandra explores and enlarge the limits of Metal music featuring and blending more delicate textures proper to Art Rock. Avandra prove that with good will and hard work everything is possible.

For many it’s hard to conceive that Avandra may be considered as the same label as Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, but let me remind you that bands as Dream Theater and Queensrÿche are also considered Metal because the essence is there among them all. It’s not easy for the narrow-minded critics that serve fashion and trends to digest Metal. It’s too big for them as Metal music it is itself. Big and bold, epic and majestic as Avandra show us with “Descender.” I have to say that I particularly liked the dashes of 1990s music in its background.

Avandra also drink profusely on Yes’s 1980s era which gives them the delicate and tender textures, but also the needed aggression and instrumental dextery as in “The Narrowing of Meaning.” My advice to you my child of the night is to listen to Avandra after listening to any Extreme Metal band of your like. Notice the reflections and the differences, but also feel the closeness and resemblance. It may wonder you.

Avandra “Descender” will be released on April 26th via Blood Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Beyond the Threshold Part 1 – Helios Awakens
  2. Beyond the Threshold Part 2 – Helios Awakens
  3. A Decision Must Be Made
  4. The Narrowing of Meaning
  5. Even You
  6. Adder’s Bite
  7. Derectly Minds
  8. Q.E.

Watch “Derectly Minds” official video here: