Avatarium – An Evening with Avatarium Review

I’d like you my child of the night to picture how a Ritchie Blackmores’s Rainbow would be with a female vocalist. Did you do it? Show of hands the ones who thought of Avatarium?

Yeah, I guess not many. To me this was the first contact with the band and I was gifted with an alive album. In fact, at first, I couldn’t notice the resemblances with Rainbow, but it all got clear as long as went through the album. The resemblance is marvelous especially if the fan knows Candice Night, Mr. Blackmore’s wife and muse and voice of angels. Vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith has a very similar voice and much more related to the voice of angels. Her voice is perfect for the doomy Prog Metal with lots of bluesy touches Avatarium do. The mix the band does really impressed me because they are very faithful and loyal to what they do. There is a lot of the 1970s here. “Avatarium” shows it better with its full of stylle guitar the way it is possible to listen at Led Zeppellin or Deep Purple albums.

“An Evening with Avatarium” has 17 tracks with almost one hour and a half of glorious doomy prog music though I don’t see many elements of Doom Metal here. But the label could fit whatsoever maybe more in studio albums. But there are lots of bluesy elements especially when it comes to the guitars and to the voice of angels of Jennie-Ann Smith. Music with soul has a name and the name is Avatarium, if you know what I mean. The sequence of guitar solos and atmospheres created in “Pearls and Coffins” is just fantastic. The emotion guitarist Marcus Jidell embellished by the powerful hearted keyboards of  Rickard Nilsson is just amazing. No words to explain all that. By the way, there are three long tracks in the album and they all kick it.

I got very connected with “An Evening with Avatarium” because it reminds a lot Rainbow’s “Finyl Vinyl” which included some alive songs. I remember to be very impressed with it and Avatarium’s album made me remind all those emotions. So, “An Evening with Avatarium” is a great album for those about to meet a different approach for the time present. However, this approach was pretty common in the past.

Avatarium “An Evening with Avatarium” was released on December 04th via Nucler Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro (Live)
  2. Voices (Live)
  3. Rubicon (Live)
  4. Into the Fire / Into the Storm (Live)
  5. Lay Me Down (Live)
  6. Jennie-Ann Talks (Live)
  7. Avatarium (Live)
  8. Shake That Demon (Live)
  9. Pearls and Coffins (Live)
  10. In My Time of Dying (Live)
  11. Medusa Child (Live)
  12. Sky at the Bottom of the Sea (Live)
  13. Jennie-Ann Talks 2 (Live)
  14. The Fire I Long For (Live)
  15. Girl with the Raven Mask (Live)
  16. Stars They Move (Live)
  17. Moonhorse (Live)

Watch “Sky at the bottom of the Sea” from the film “An Evening with Avatarium”.

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