AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s M. SHADOWS: ‘I Want Metal Music To Be Taken Seriously In Our Modern Culture’

M. Shadows

AVENGED SEVENFOLD frontman M. Shadows was talking about the current state of rock and metal and about the fact that rock is no longer the leading genre in the U.S.:

“There is a little bit of tribalism going on within the music industry. We talk to fans all the time that simply want a physical product and don’t see the need to move on to more contemporary ways of listening.

“I respect that more than I did a few years ago. It’s not how I see the world, though, and I feel it’s one of the reasons rock and metal don’t have a spot at the table. But, again, I respect it.”

Saying how he “cannot see CDs surviving another two years,” Matt added:

“As for me, I want rock music to have a voice. I want metal music to be taken seriously in our modern culture.

“And to do that, you have to show the world that there are rock and metal bands that can make a significant dent. As of now, that’s been a problem for the genre as a whole.”