Awake Again Releases An Alternative Metal Tidal Wave ‘Rise’

Awake Again 2021

Finnish alternative metal outfit AWAKE AGAIN has generated some interest with their previous singles. Now the band brings forth a real alternative metal tidal wave. The new single Rise is powerful stuff.

“Pounding riffs, aggressive vocals and the huge chorus leaves you breathless. Rise is a song about humanity’s destructive way of life and what is left if we don’t change our ways. However, change is possible, and Rise wants to inflame that change. This is our resistance song”, says bands vocalist Österman.

The song is co-written by and produced in co-operation with mixer-producer Lauri Hämäläinen.

Lauri liked ‘Rise’’s fast and furious sound, but he knew that the song wasn’t it’s best possible version of itself. Together we made the song as good as it could be”, says guitarist Hellström.

The song is mixed and mastered by the Danish Grammy-nominated mixer-producer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE). He has become AWAKE AGAIN’s go-to guy. Rise’s huge and powerful sound leaves no question about that we are dealing with something significant.

Jacob’s world class mixing kicks ass big time. ‘Rise’ truly is a song about our humanity’s self-destruction but because we are the reason, we can also be the cure”, says bassist Loukola.

“Rise” is AWAKE AGAIN’s first release with their new drummer Petteri Horn.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of this ambitious and up and coming band. I can’t wait what the future brings us”, says the new drummer Horn.