AWAKE AGAIN Releases New Single ‘Into Two’

Awake Again Band
Photo credit: Juha Kurri

“Into Two” is the first of a four-single-series. AWAKE AGAIN‘s music is a distinctive mixture of metal, post-hardcore and pop. The band describes themselves as a blend of SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s madness and ENTER SHIKARI’s electronic mayhen wrapped in the production of BRING ME THE HORIZON and the new single portraits that perfectly. “Into Two” is the beginning of a new chapter in AWAKE AGAIN’s career.

‘Into Two’ is an explosive wave of heavy drums, big guitars and eclectic synths with beatiful and harsh vocals. The end result is a perfect marriage of relentless metal and catcy pop music.” says the band.

The song was co-written by producer Christopher Stjerne. Lead vocals were recorded at Christopher’s studio in Copenhagen and rest of the song was recorded in Turku. “Into Two” is mixed by Grammy nominated producer and mixing engineer Jacob Hansen. The song sounds huge and epic but still at the same time intricate and precise.

“The song is about personal developement. It’s when you transform from old to new, from negative to positive. You leave the old and corrupt behind and you are left with a new and more complete self. This is also the process of the band since the last release which was almost two years ago.”

AWAKE AGAIN is a four piece alternative metal band hailing from Turku, Finland formed in 2013. Their music a distinctive mixture of metal, post-hardcore and pop. Known for their huge and catchy songs accompanied with live performance like a nuclear bomb Awake Again has been making a steady rise in Finnish metal scene.

Having played over 100 shows the band has conquered smaller and bigger stages with their wildfire like energy. Most notably they won Wacken Metal Battle Finland in 2018 and got to show their alternative metal madness at the global finals in Wacken Open Air.

The fall of 2020 will start a new chapter in AWAKE AGAIN‘s career as the band releases highly anticipated new music. Bigger, heavier and more melodic than ever before Awake Again is ready to conquer the hearts of music lovers around the world.