AWAKE AGAIN Releases Video Of Their Version Of KATY PERRY’s ‘Dark Horse’

Awake Again Dark Horse

Finland’s strong reputation as a heavy metal country is being strengthened once again, as the electronic alternative metal outfit AWAKE AGAIN rides toward international success with “Dark Horse”.

The band says about the song and video: “When we decided to make a cover song, the choice was really easy. There were many elements such as melodies, club atmosphere and the structure of the song which made us want to make our own version from “Dark Horse”. And we’ve always liked Katy Perry’s style to make original and surprising stuff in her music videos and live shows. Ever since the song became part of our live show it has been one of the favorite songs for us and the audience, and one of the highlights of our show. This song is also a great way to introduce Awake Again’s sound for a new audience in a familiar package.
In this video we wanted to respect the awesome original music video of the song as well as other music videos by Katy Perry without forgetting our own style and humor”.

AWAKE AGAIN is working on its debut album at the moment. We’ve already got a taste of what’s to come with the first single “Below” and now with the second single and video “Dark Horse”. Both songs has been mixed by Jacob Hansen, whose CV includes household names such as Amaranthe, Volbeat and Cyhra.