Axecuter – A Night of Axecution

Just because the other day I was bitching around we don’t receive many live albums, the universe conspired and we’ve just got one more with a classic Metal grip. It seems this will be the summer of live releases. Axecuter with “A Night of Axecution” is the brend new effort we got here to review. It is a very fun album to hear. Vocalist Danmented curses and badmouth all the time. attacking the church, religions, bad music, and so on. Believe me, the dude talks a lot. In Portuguese, but cursing is cursing, dudes. I don’t recommend for those political correctness ears abundant all around. Not also for the good taste patrols. But come on, this is Metal! Okay, we’re here to talk music. So let’s go, shall we?

“A Night of Axecution” is a small tour through Axecuter career. Alive albums are great to this intent, the best effort to buy to get to know a band’s career. Axecuter play an old school Heavy Metal very near 1980s speed metal. Pure NWOBHM with an extra punch. Axecuter are at the same page as Motörhead, a bit Exciter, and Onslaught. On second thought, German old school fits them pretty well. Another great thing about Axecuter is their love for Metal which can be felt in each track. True bangers who fight for Metal. Get it right, true not troo. No wonder there’s a track like “No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)” which shows what is in their minds. Axecuter sweat Metal from all their orifices.

“A Night of Axecution” is a fun album to listen to. The “Intro” to “Attack” shows everything they got which pure straight ahead old school Heavy Metal. As I wrote in another article somewhere, Metal is one the genres that loves to an autopromotion and invite people to be converted, “Raise the Axe” does this perfectly as we were in the 1980s. Well, I don’t know you, but I just love that. Metal is great and we must spread the news to the world. For Metal sake, guys! In fact, we’re sick and tired of the same bs that has been played around for almost 30 years. Or aren’t we?

Axecuter “A Night of Axecution” was released in cassete and CD via Mindscrape Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Attack
  3. Raise the Axe
  4. Creatures in Disguise
  5. The Axecuter
  6. No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)
  7. Bangers Prevail
  8. Missão Metal (Flagelator cover)

Watch “Creatures in Disguise” live video here: