Axecuter – Surrounded By Decay

We had the pleasure of reviewing Axecuter’s last effort the alive album “A Night of Axecution” and we are pleased to see how the band has developed their music. It’s remarkable the progress in terms of songwriting and production. “Surrounded By Decay” is the product of a mature band.

In “A Night of Axecution” the band explored with unique competence the world of old school Heavy Metal. Here in “Surrounded By Decay” the band steps further exploring the world of pre-Thrash bands, another unique sonance that many might have missed. Songs are a bit faster, vocals a bit harsher, guitars a bit more pounding, but doing that great sound of twin guitars that we all love in Metal songs. Songs are near what early Metallica and Slayer used to do in their first efforts. But make no mistake, Axecuter can get real Thrash in tracks as “Collecting Enemies.”

I have to admit that this kind of sonance is not that easy to recollect. In fact, it is very hard to sound like that because the boundaries between old school Heavy Metal and early Thrash Metal is very hard to emulate. But Axecuter could make it flawlessly. From the title track “Surrounded By Decay” to “Collecting Enemies” it’s possible to watch a band doing the progression from one sound to the other. I respect that a lot. There are also tracks that mix both styles as “Darwin Was Right.” “Surrounded By Decay” also shows sharper guitars as it is expected from Thrash efforts, but they are also more melodic in some phrasing and licking. In some tracks as “Spend The Dollar,” Axecuter also fall for some mockery that Thrash bands love to do specially with politics. Is there anything healthier to the Metal world than mock politicians? I guess not.

Perhaps old fans will strange “Surrounded By Decay” and its evolution, but believe it is a natural thing to be. It’s a step ahead. Way to go Axecuter. That’s really the way.

Axecuter “Surrounded By Decay” was released in April via VSF Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Surrounded By Decay
  2. Rise and Fall
  3. Separate Ways
  4. Darkness in Bottles
  5. Dying Source
  6. Collecting Enemies
  7. Darwin Was Right
  8. Metal in Wrong Hands
  9. Spend the Dollar
  10. Passage Back to Hell

Watch the album preview here:

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