Axel Rudi Pell – The Ballads V

I must confess that I’ve been avoiding this album for some time. I was even avoiding listening to it. Things are not good with the wife and I’m absolutely in no mood. But as a the Kiss ballad “I still love you” say “I must take it like a man”. So, I’ll take it.

Well, to begin with for the better or the worst ballads in Metal are famous. We have great balladeers in Metal history. Take for instance Scorpions, the greatest balladeers in Metal history. The thing is, the contrast between distorted guitars and rough voices is absolutely amazing. The 1980s, among other things, were the golden era of Metal ballads too. Each band, except the black/death bands, had theirs. In the 1990’s the formula was worn out. And we all know that there’s a formula to write a ballad. Too much is enough! Well, I’m avoiding it again, so let’s go to Mr. Pell’s “The Ballads V”, shall we?

Being obvius, as the album tittle “The Ballads V” says, it’s Mr. Pell’s fifth album containing only ballads. Ok, his career is long, but between you and me, isn’t it too much? Well, Mr. Pell thinks otherwise. And so do I. So, let’s give the men a shot. Mr. Pell is one of the most well regarded guitarrist of this time, and he sure deserves it. His albums have been as well suceeded. “The Ballads V” shows a mature singer, and for sure ballads are extremely good chances to show all vocal abilities. We can’t say it’s not one of Johnny Gioeli’s abilities. The opening song “Love’s holding on” has a very special guest. Someone who’s not from the Metal world, but even the blackest black metaller knows her and her best suceeded song. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Como on! I’ll give you some seconds to think about it. Tic-tic-tic…

…Bonnie Tyler! Haven’t you recognized her warm and velvet voice? Ah, come on. Confess, you bursted into tears! Hahahahahaha, not me, sniff, not me, sniff-sniff, I’m hard as iron… sniff. That’s what ballads are here for!

Track Listing:

  1. Love’s Holding On
  2. I See Fire
  3. On The Edge Of Our time
  4. Hey Hey My My
  5. Lived Our Lives Before
  6. When Truth Hurts
  7. Forever Free
  8. Lost In Love
  9. The Line (live)
  10. Mistreated (live)

Specially to you, my man! Bonnie Tyler and Mr. Pell’s “Love’s Holding On”: