AXL ROSE Suffers Anxiety Attack, GUNS N’ ROSES’ Tonight’s Gig At Glasgow Cancelled

Guns N' Roses

GUNS N’ ROSES were set to play a show at Glasgow Green in Glasgow, Scotland tonight (July 5), but have had to cancel it due to an unspecified “illness.”

As reported by BBC News, a statement issued through event promoter DF Concerts said: “Sadly, due to illness and medical advice, GNR will not be able to perform in Glasgow tomorrow.

“We are working on rescheduling options for this show so please hold onto your tickets.”

According to The Telegraph, before joining GUNS N’ ROSES on stage, Axl Rose experienced an anxiety attack prior to his performance at the concert last Friday in London, England, at Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The singer’s illness ultimately caused a significant delay in the performance. The public could only enter the location two hours after the appointed time, according to the newspaper.

The opening artist, Michael Monroe, ended up cancelling, which resulted in an hour-long delay for the main performance.

“According to a well-placed source, the reason for the delay was that singer Axl Rose had been the victim of an anxiety attack that was only assuaged by the event organizers,” the newspaper says.

GUNS N’ ROSES‘ next gig is scheduled to take place on July 8th in Munich. Rest of the dates can be found at this location.