b.o.s.c.h. Are Coming With ‘Fleischwolf’ In October

The rough sea, the blustery wind, the bracing climate: possibly residents ofThe rough sea, the blustery wind, the bracing climate: possibly residents ofGermany’s North Sea coast are really more robust than the population of other partsof the country. While the Black Forest clocks up the most hours of sunshine andpeople enjoy champagne outside all year round in the Lake Constance area, life in Wilhelmshaven takes place under much harsher climate conditions. b.o.s.c.h. have definitely been affected by this fact. The band’s uncompromising toughness, their unmistakeable mix of metal, punk, rock, hardcore, thrash and electronic elements is also reflected by their artistic credo: “We specialise in noise!” guitarist Christian´Ledde` Heil explains, putting his group’s philosophy in a nutshell: “We rock old skool and really give it our all.” That’s Heil’s summary of b.o.s.c.h.’s live concept, which impresses with tube amp sounds instead of exaggerated technology gadgets and isdriven by a merciless drum/bass beat that brings to mind hammer and anvil. These awe-inspiring parameters apply not only to b.o.s.c.h. concerts but also to their new album “Fleischwolf,” scheduled for release on Laute Helden/SPV on 13 October 2017. The recording could easily mark the dawning of a new era in which tough German music will not automatically be synonymous with Rammstein, Oomph and Megaherz. Because b.o.s.c.h. are different, b.o.s.c.h. are unique. When frontmann Max Kleeoozes pure aggression from his vocal chords in true Max Cavalera / Jonathan Davis tradition, guitarist Heil fires off raw riffs by the second, relying on the timing of his rhythm section consisting of drummer/programmer Lutz Möller and bassist Axel Mintken, this reflects the deep personal bond between the four musicians. “We don’t just play in the same band, we’re also friends,” Möller explains, immediately belying any romantic ideas of a supposedly idyllic musician’s life: “But of course we argue about songs, ideas, visions. For each of us, it’s all about the best possible result, andof course that’s something we passionately fight over, from our different perspectives and always in accordance with strictly democratic rules. But there are no fundamental disputes within the band.”Their new album “Fleischwolf” reflects this deep bond in every single note. b.o.s.c.h. have written twelve songs for their new recording, all of them prime examples of martial power, raw energy and skilled perfection. Their stylistic range includes tough numbers such as “Reiz mich” and the dynamic, hardcore-influenced “Du,” pure metalsongs like “Das Spiel” and the harsh thrash track “Die Jagd,” as well as progressivestructures like “Blender.” When it comes to their lyrics, there’s only one criterion: “The subject matter has to suit the music, it’s got to be cheeky and, if possible, also a little provocative,” says vocalist Max Klee. And although the band refers to itself as apolitical, “Fleischwolf” features “Folgemann,” a socio-critical lyric about blindly following a cause. Christian Heil: “The fact that we’ve chosen this subject is due to current developments. There are some things which you can’t just ignore and keep quiet about.”Which of course wouldn’t suit b.o.s.c.h. anyway. Since the band emerged from a side project initiated by Lutz Möller and has successively developed into a real quartet, their profile has continued to take shape. Their numerous shows with StahlmannOomph and other established acts have helped the foursome to mature into an impressive live act, their deal with Laute Helden/SPV creating an ideal basis for more amazing feats. Even before their new album arrives at the stores, b.o.s.c.h. are set to post on the internet a video to support their first single “Schock,” shot at Wilhelmshaven’s Willehad hospital, before “Fleischwolf” will be available to the public at large on CD and for download from mid-October. Along with the regular version, there will also be a limited package including autograph card, chain, plectrum and sticker. So things will be even more exciting in the b.o.s.c.h. camp and it will come as no surprise if their “noise” – as guitarist Heil calls it –causes a stir on the international scene.

b.o.s.c.h. Are Coming With “Fleischwolf” In October 13th via Laute Helden / SPV.

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