b.o.s.c.h. – Fleischwolf

Some years ago, I guess about twenty or some, industrial metal was received with a lot of praises from the standard media. They praised it as a kind of ‘salvation’ to Heavy Metal, which was in a low trend that time. Mostly because industrial metal left no room for guitar solos, or any flamboaynt instrument playing. For the pop media, or pop media lovers, virtuosos are not welcome. As a result, most metalheads ignored it solemnly. I was one of them. In my opinion, and most metalhead’s, taking out guitar solos is the same of taking out the soul of Metal.

But times goes by, for our sakes. Industrial metal bands are a niche now. And for reasons we don’t actually know, some industrial metal characteristics were incorporated into modern metal. To be honest, we do know, only the cool features were incorporated. I mean the strong and low toned guitars, but Metallica has been doing that for a long time; and the gritty and, sometimes, gutural vocals – is there anything to say about that? Ah, the occasional sounds were maintened too.

Ok, now let’s talk about b.o.s.c.h. “Fleischwolf,” By the way, I didn’t mistyped the name, it’s really that way. I had to ignore that b.o.s.c.h.’s “Fleischwolf” was an industrial metal effort to write this review. And it did work fine because if you forget the additional, and unnecessary, sound effects, b.o.s.c.h.’s “Fleischwolf” is a very good album. It’s strong as a good coffee. Guitars are well put. Vocals are intense. And the occasional effects work okay in songs like “Blender” and the title track, “Fleischwolf,” with its cool chorus. Other songs are totally insane as “Jagd,” with a different and twisted guitar riff. Or in Metal words, cool. To me the bigger problem is the total absence of guitar solos. I love them, and in my opionion their the face of Metal sound. But the songs work fine, they are intense. And the cover art is absolutely cool.

That’s b.o.s.c.h.’s “Fleischwolf.” If you are in the mood for something peculiar, that’s the choice.

Track Listing:

  1. Schock
  2. Reiz mich
  3. Blender
  4. Fleischwolf
  5. Die Jagd
  6. Evolution
  7. Folgemann
  8. Du
  9. Das Spiel
  10. Zu spät
  11. Ritual
  12. Macht

b.o.s.c.h.’s “Fleischwolf” was released on October 13th via Laute Helden / SPV.

Watch “Schock” official video here: