Back Catalog Of The Thrash Legends HOLY TERROR To Be Reissued

During their all too brief existence, California’s HOLY TERROR quickly took the underground of the ’80s by storm. The two albums they released back in the day, “Terror And Submission” from 1987, and “Mind Wars” from 1988, quickly became the classics of the Speed Thrash Metal. Dissonance Productions are set to release the HOLY TERROR 5 disc box set “Total Terror.” The boxset contains every album the thrash legends released (“Terror And Submission” 1987, “Mind Wars” 1988, “El Revengo” 2006, and “Live Terror” 2006), plus a DVD containing live sets from Milwaukee, Chicago and Anaheim, and the official video for “Judas Reward.” This collection contains Thrash classics that easily stood the test of time and therefore should be owned by every fan of the Metal genre. Except that, each of the albums will be reissed on vinyl, via Back On Black Records. The reissues will be available on October 27, 2017.

 Watch the video teaser here: