Bad Marriage – Bad Marriage

The most loyal fan that follows this page and my reviews may have noticed that I generally use the S/T when the album has the same name that the band. In this very particular case I insist to name both because I think a bad marriage affects all of us. Show of hands who’s never. This review is to serve and to protect, my child of the night. hahahahahaha

There is an old saying that I’d like to quote that explain best the moment we’re living with so many subgenres and labels around Heavy Metal. I guess the fan gets a little confused as I am sometimes. The saying is “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” I guess that there is no better subgenre than Hard Rock to fit this saying. The fan loves it or not. It is very hard to find someone that appreciates all kinds of subgenres related to Heavy Metal as I do. I got problems only with Metalcore and industrial metal though Metalcore to me is very related to the band – there are interesting bands that I reviewd here -; Industrial Metal I just can’t take it.

“Bad Marriage” is a homage to the 1980s, for sure he best time for Hard and Heavy bands, A good guide to the fan understand what I’m talking is Poison, a band that represents best the music Bad Marriage do and the Hard and Heavy music. But it’s not only that, from head to toe the album is full of rock, blues, and country references which is also a feature that marks all the well-known Hard and Heavy bands from that time. First track “Diablo” has lots of Led Zeppelin references to be not mentioned. Following track “Old School Stereo” has the feeling of AC/DC and the lascivious mood of Poison. Come to think of it, all this album, as its peers, has a pretty damn good sexual drive. That’s the spice that lacks in some Metal acts. Of course, it’s not suitable for all if you know what I mean. Just as a reminder, if I were to highlight only one track, I’d pick “‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed the Bulldog” due to its energy and interest musical proposal.  

For the ones who don’t like Hard Rock, “Bad Marriage” is the poison; for the ones that love it, “Bad Marriage” is a spoonful. The album is full of variety and different moods, another thing that lacks in some Metal acts. Again, it’s very energetic and adrenalized. Everything the Hard Rock fan, and not say all metallers, loves.

Bad Marriage “Bad Marriage” was self-released on February.

Track Listing:

  1. Diablo
  2. Old School Stereo
  3. Ready Aim Fire
  4. Gateway Drug
  5. Electric Emerald Eyes
  6. Ms. Outrageous
  7. Nay-Sayin Blues
  8. ‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed the Bulldog
  9. Long Way Down
  10. Tailchaser
  11. Big Bad Wolf
  12. Model Citizen

Watch “Old School Stereo” offcial video here: