BAM MARGERA Found And Returned To Rehab Facility After Being Reported Missing Earlier This Week

Bam Margera 2021

Bam Margera was reported missing on Monday after leaving a Florida rehab facility.

On June 13, the manager of a rehab facility called police because Margera left, even though he was at the facility under a court order and he was not authorized to leave. The manager told police Margera said he was unsatisfied with the facility’s treatment and that he was going to check himself into a different one.

TMZ now reports Margera was found by police and a crisis intervention team and has been returned to the facility. TMZ further reports that Margera voluntarily returned to the facility and is alright.

Margera celebrated one year of successfully completing rehab this May.

On Tuesday, Margera posted a photo of himself and another man, who he claimed to be his new alcohol anonymous sponsor.