Band WORMREICH Start Fundraising Campaign For Destroyed Gear


One of the bands involved in a deadly Georgia car crash on April 6th 2015, WORMREICH, have vowed to keep the music alive and are asking for the public’s help in restoring destroyed or damaged equipment.

The crash happened as the band were heading to a stop in Atlanta, Georgia. Three people were killed including two WORMREICH members.

On the go fund me page, the band stated “Hello, my name is Chris and I am the guitarist/vocalist of the band Wormreich. We are starting this Gofundme campaign in order to acquire new musical equipment in order to begin playing live and recording again. On April 6th of 2015 while on tour, our touring van was involved in a catastrophic wreck in Georgia that killed two of our members, Ian McKinney and Paul Truesdell, as well as a member of Khaotika, the band we were sharing the van with. Out of the twelve passengers in the van, nearly everyone was hospitalized, with our drummer and other guitarist in critical condition. Our drummer has since returned home to recover, while our guitarist remains in the hospital, but he is also on his way to recovery. Unfortunately, much of our equipment was destroyed or damaged beyond repair, including a guitar head, speaker cab, and 3/4 of our drums, and various other pieces of gear. We plan to continue on with our music, but we will need help in order to purchase new equipment, so we figured that we would start this campaign and see what happens!”

When I reached out to the band for additional word, they issued me the following statement “Not only were lives lost in the accident, including that of my best friend and guitarist N. Vathron, but 3/4 of our gear was completely destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Due to the mounting medical expenses associated with the accident, we thought that we would reach out to the metal community in order to replace the much coveted equipment and ensure that we can return to the stage sooner rather than later. I want to deeply and profoundly thank those who have contributed so far. The thought of charity for our band was honestly unappealing to me, as I (and the other members of WORMREICH, those who remain and those who have left us) pride myself on having a self-funded, DIY approach to our art and to swallow my pride and ask for help was something I had to overcome. As I said, thank you all so much for the help. It will NEVER be forgotten and we will always cherish the support of those who have supported us in any way since our inception. Thank you all. H.S.” – Vulk

WORMREICH is their facebook page and GO FUND WORMREICH is where you can help.

So, you see, you can’t kill the metal.