Baron Samedi – Zeitgeist

a3236615231_10  I’m pretty open when it comes to music as I can listen to just about anything so long as it is obnoxious or just plain stupid, and I’m not on the fence for a lot of genres but one that I am has to be punk. It just doesn’t really work for me sometimes because too many times it’s just kids complaining about how s**tty they think their lives are, but sometimes it actually works out with the aggression coming together and everything just has a good feel to it that I can really get into. Baron Samedi’s latest album, “Zeitgeist”, isn’t one of those punk albums that I can say I’m crazy about, but in no way did I find it bad because it was much more enjoyable than plenty of other punk records I’ve heard before. With but one track reaching over 4 minutes long, Baron Samedi stick to true punk fashion by keeping the songs relatively short and then proceed to pack a real punch into them that ensure those who want aggression get it in boatloads with this album. There’s also a minor element of melody thrown into the mix to bring some form to “Zeitgeist” which to me really helps bring everything together so that this album isn’t just a mass of someone screaming alongside a band that’s just going kinda fast. Another neat thing is that while the guitars, drums, and bass are all undeniably punk, the vocals seem to have more of a style that’s reminiscent of hardcore and that adds a new flavor to the album that helps it become much more than what it would’ve been if they were just punk as well. In the end, this album didn’t astound me a whole lot, but it is definitely an album that I will eventually come crawling back to because I have been meaning to delve deeper into punk, and “Zeitgeist” seems to be the most ideal gateway album at the moment, and if you’re feeling the same way about punk then I suggest you check out these fine Italian gentlemen as well.

You can stream “Zeitgeist” in full on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. One More Step
  3. Rise Up
  4. De la Shithead
  5. Shame on You
  6. Skit
  7. Far Away
  8. D.W.B.H.
  9. Carry Us On
  10. Interlude