Battle Born – Battle Born

Traditions are to be kept and hold – some may disagree, but that’s okay. Even more when the tradition is so as the one Metal has of having the band, album and song under the same names. Yes, sir, it’s a tradition we metalheads value a lot. There are great efforts that were released this way. Name a great band and it’s most likely that it has followed the tradition once. It’s almost imporssible to address all them. Well, of course, there are people that thing it’s a lack of imagination. Not that much, not that much, my child of the night.

There are some things about music that it’s absolutely impossible to explain. For instance, there are days that for me it’s impossible to listen to Power Metal or Thrash Metal, because in some weird way in my mind I think they are so predictable. On the other hand, there are days that I absolutely love them because of this. There are days I want to listen to something that brings me a certain sonic security, I mean, I don’t want to be surprised at all. That’s precisely the feeling I had when I started to listen to Battle Born and “Battle Born.” Power Metal at its best, or for some, songs about battles, castles, swords and sourcery, dwarves and gnomes, and all. Yeah, “Battle Born” is all about this. But the music herein is absolutely delicious. As I said before, it’s not what the band does, but how it does it. I can’t say the five tracks in this album are a complete surprise or that they are the new trend in Metal or, even yet, thewy’re going to save Metal music for once and for all. No, sir. They won’t, but at least, they’ll provide you some minutes of absolute pleasure. Ah, and you don’t have to be a fan of Power Metal.

There is something about “Battle Born” that really attracts me and that is the ability the band has to vary the songs. All five songs are different from each other in a way. Great bands used to do this in the past. It’s a change of pace here, a keyboard more jumpy there, a vocal duet here, a guitar solo there, and voilà, the songs get different and not boring for the fan. For me, the greatest thing is that vocalist Jack Reynolds doesn’t have that so lyrical voice as if he were an opera singer, so he doesnt try to impress us with his vocals capabilities. On the contrary, he sings pretty much normally, and guess what? He impresses us because of this. The same thought we can have about Battle Born which aren’t a band of virtuosi who show off every oportunity they get. They do the possible to do, the simple and as we know the simple is the best sometimes.

Battle Born “Battle Born” will be self-released on June 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Battle Born

  2. Bring the Metal Back

  3. Man of War

  4. For Our Home

  5. Sovngarde Awaits

Watch “Battle Born” official audio video – hum, it sounds strange – here: