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It’s nice to have a bit of a challenge every now and then. It gives you the thrill of the competition. It forces you to improve, and the most pleasant part, it rewards you. Especially if you’re an artist.

From the rap-battles of NY-streets to the battle rounds in “The Voice”, artists are willing to compete with each other to prove their excellence. But it’s not just for the sake of their egos. These battles help to sharpen your skills, and to find out your strengths and weaknesses. They show you what you should work on more and what you’re best at.

The huge variety of music-themed talent shows and awards proves this point. And it’s no wonder; every competition is a chance. A chance to be heard, a chance to share your music, and a chance to make it to the top. Not a worst case scenario, right?

One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, Susan Boyle, and Adam Lambert owe their success to the different talent shows. “Star Search” alone gave us Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. And who knows, maybe if teen-band Girl’s Tyme with young Beyonce hadn’t taken part in this show, we wouldn’t have Queen Bey in our world today.

In, we encourage people to take these challenges. Sure, you can wait patiently for your breakthrough to happen, but why not double the odds with some action? After all, every competition you take part in gives you a chance to cut this wait in half.

That’s why we created Tournament. Now you can show what you’ve got and become the best at what you’re doing.

Who Is It For

In, we aim to create a unique opportunity for young artists to be heard. Most of the streaming services use complicated, multileveled artist selection systems, which is often too overwhelming for a beginner. Moreover, these services don’t separate mainstream from underground, so a young band ends up competing for rotation with Rihanna.

Our app is a safe space for raw talent. When an artist uploads his track, he interacts strictly with the listener. He’s the one who chooses what song to upload and which part of it will become its teaser. Using his ratings, he’s the one who draws conclusions, such as which tracks are better perceived by the public and which problems need to be worked on. This moment is crucial for musicians who are beginning their career without an experienced mentor to point out their mistakes.

Our philosophy is the accessibility of music for listeners and an opportunity to be heard for authors. We aim to help young and lesser known musicians. We created our app first and foremost because we believe there are brand new Beyoncés, Josh Hommes or Jonny Greenwoods waiting among you. We’re eager for you to be heard by the largest crowd possible.

We don’t care about format, age, gender or race. As long as you’re not an owner of multi-platinum albums, you are welcomed (otherwise, you just don’t need us).

So, as well as the other modes, Tournament is for young aspiring independent artists only (we’re sorry Kendrick Lamar, you won’t win this one).

How Does It Work

Each Tournament will be held within one specific genre. All you’ve got to do to participate is to upload your original song to Arcade mode. Arcade mode is a place in our app where you can listen to the previews of the uploaded songs, so be sure you’ve chosen the most tempting part of your track. Don’t be poor on the information you give — you want to become a star, don’t you? With the artist/band name and the song title, write a couple of words about yourself in bio and share your social media accounts so your future fans can follow your work. And don’t forget to show us your beautiful cover artwork, if you’ve got one.

After you’ve done your best to convince our listeners, it’s time for the audience to be the judge. The more likes you get, the more frequent your rotation will be in Arcade (giving you the chance to get even more likes). The 64 tracks that will score the most in Arcade will be selected for the main part of Tournament.

Next, with a random drawing, these 64 tracks will be paired up. That’s when things get sporty; every day, different pairs of tracks will be competing each other playoff-style (1/32, 1/16 and all the way to the final). And every day, the audience will choose the best track from every pair.

The Tournaments will be held in different genres: rock/metal, pop, electronic and hip-hop. So be sure to choose the right genre tag when uploading your song. You don’t want your heavy-metal band to be mistaken for an electronic duo.

Who will you be competing with? You can get an idea using Radio mode. There you can listen to the tracks that scored the most in our app. There are six stations dedicated to different genres: rock, metal, pop, hip-hop, world, and electronic. Choose your genre and get to know your possible competitors.

So, basically, that’s it: upload your song and cross your fingers. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it, to increase your chances to win!

What Do You Get

A unique experience. A new fanbase. Oh, yes, and $1000! To finally record that demo or just to organize a celebration party, it’s for you to decide. And all you have to do is just upload a sample of your song.

By the vote of our Facebook followers, the first Tournament will be held in the rock/metal genre. It’s coming soon, but you still have a few weeks to participate.

If you want to take part but rock/metal is not your genre, we still recommend you to keep track of the competition to see how it works. Of course, Tournaments in other genres are not far off!

Why Should You Participate

It’s a common mistake for beginners to create their music in vacuum. While concentrating on making a debut album, you still need to test your music on the real listeners. Sure, you’re the one to know exactly how your music should sound. You can be absolutely confident that you’re doing everything right, but you should never ignore an outside perspective. Tournament is a perfect place to get it. For example, our Facebook page has almost half a million followers now, which is quite an audience. You’ll have a chance to get real feedback and see who’s interested in your music.

Our team has various experience in supporting aspiring artists. Last year, we organized our stages on all of the big local festivals, creating venues to showcase the new generation of independent music.

In joining, you are joining a unique musical community. We’re aiming to create an environment, which is perfect for creative networking. We hope that with our help, underground artists will find their audience, like-minded musicians, and experienced mentors. At the same time, the listeners will be able to uncover their next favorite artist.

So we invite you to take part in Tournament. Fight for the prize, fight for your fans, and fight for your success!

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