Beer Makes Us Pee Vs. Pee Makes Us Beer

A Brewery in Denmark named Nerrebro Bryghus had the bright idea to create the most horrid sounding product in the history of recorded human existence. The beer, called Pisner, has been marketed by a term they dub “beercycling”. They recently collected 50,000 liters of human urine from Northern Europe’s largest multi-genre music festival called Roskilde, which shouldn’t have been hard as it boasts over 100,000 fans in attendance. They are not putting the actual urine in the beer, but are using it to fertilize the crops needed in order to brew the product.

On the scientific side, it is ingenious. Every farmer or grower of any plant knows that any biological matter that is a byproduct of “life” whether urine, fecal matter, or decomposition of any organic life form after death works wonders for what plants need to thrive and grow. I was turned on the idea of using urine long ago when I grew, um, certain sought after herbs. I had trouble with white tail deer, which are local wildlife to my area, eating my baby plants before they had time to mature. An elder “farmer” suggested that I urinate all around my baby plants, but not on them as the uric acid would damage the leaves that they needed for photosynthesis. He informed me that it not only would keep the local wildlife away but would also give them nutrients not found in the soil that would help in their overall development.

On the marketing side, it is a total f**king disaster. Everyone knows that fecal matter is the most used fertilizer in mass produced vegetables but when ordering a BLT at your favorite restaurant, who would say “I’ll have a bacon s**t sandwich please”?

In closing, you can try the piss beer if you want but I shan’t just because of the name. They are aiming the marketing at “hipsters” who seem to love to go green, or yellow in this case (LMAO). If I go to a show I would give them the piss, but I won’t take it back. If that is “hip” I am very cool with being square…