Behavior – Morbid Obsession

This is one of the neat instrumental efforts I’ve ever heard this year. And Behavior with “Morbid Obsession” don’t call themselves progressive, technical, or any other term for good instrumentals. Behavior are a death metal band with generous dashes of melody. However, I wouldn’t dare to label them melodic. Clearly, Behavior’s intent is to be aggressive, harsh, and fierceful. Though, there is some melody in it because melody is an important part of music, also of life. Behavior flirt with many features of extreme music from old school death metal – which in my opinion is in it they fit better – black, and even hardcore. With a great instrumental.

This time I decided – well, not really – to do something different. I heard “Morbid Obsession” twice – I mean, three times – before writing this review. Most of the time, I listen and write. Not this time. It’s good to change techniques. By the way, musical technique is the apple of the eye in “Morbid Obsession.” As I told before, Behavior aren’t any kind of technical style band, but they do play with tons of precision and awesomeness. The dudes are killers in their instruments. But the highlight goes to the guitar duo Alexandre Vitorino and Alisson Costa. Their flamboyant style of playing does the magic. Lots of effects, jaw-dropping whammy-bar abuse, squeaks, and finger-tapping. I like very much this kind of playing which began with Brad Gillis and had its boom with Pantera’s Dimebag.

“Morbid Obsession” is opened up with the ground shaking track “Within the Gloomy Pandemonium” with extreme-velocity pace and a trip throughout extreme metal moods. Vocalist Fabrício Pazelli does a pretty good job as well in “Morbid Obsession” making any kind of noise with his voice. The dude chances his gutural style throughout the nine-tracked album. Behavior seem to be a melodeth band because of tracks like “Morbid Obsession” whose guitar riffs deceive you. Drummer Ricardo Agatte also deserves our hails due to his fine double bass technique. But, from where I’m standing, the best track is “Devourer of Purity” whose shoegazed guitar riff wins the day. Great guitar work, as in all the album. Also a hail to guitar-voice duet in “Asphixiated.”

“Morbid Obsession” is an album to give it a listen for many times. Great album because you’ll never what is to come. Believe me.

Behavior “Morbid Obsession” was self-released in June.

Track Listing:

  1. Within the Gloomy Pandemonium
  2. Death Metal Force
  3. Morbid Obsession
  4. Ancient Cult of Obscene
  5. Corpses on the Road
  6. Devourer of Purity
  7. Asphixiated
  8. Our Flesh Shall Feed the Earth
  9. Ars Goetia

Watch “Morbid Obsession” official video here:

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