BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL: How I Became A Satanist

Behemoth Nergal 2019

Loudwire visited BEHEMOTH frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski in Poland to discuss band’s 2014’s album The Satanist which magazine named its Metal Album of the Decade.

Nergal also discussed his battle against cancer, Polish government, and also how he became a Satanist.

“From day one, when I started reading and exploring the Satanic concept, it just felt liberating to be discovering it for myself,” Nergal said (watch video below).

“I would just read interviews with other musicians, because it started with the music, obviously, not with my passion for philosophy,” he continued. “From that, I would develop my interest in philosophy. I would collect from different angles, but it started with the music, with the rebellious character of extreme metal or heavy metal in general, which Satan is one of the strongest archetypes for. From day one, he’s been the animal spirit of any metal subgenre.”

He also talked about his Catholic upbringing: “Polish Catholicism is very shallow. It’s based on traditional aspects rather than deep spiritual experiences.” he said. “As a teenager, I realized it f*cking stinks. I don’t think I belong there, so I chose the other side — the inverted side.”

Nergal added: “I’ll never say that my life philosophy comes down to the inverted cross, but as I said before, it’s one of the weapons that I use when I philosopize with a hammer.”