BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL Reveals How He Was Inspired To Say ‘No’ To Fans In A Very Assertive But Polite Way

Behemoth Nergal 2021

BEHEMOTH leader Adam “Nergal” Darski was recently interviewed by the group’s former guitarist Mateusz Śmierzchalski for the latter’s “h23” podcast.

During the conversation, Nergal touched upon his policy for how he deals with fans when they approach him during dinner at restaurants to ask for a photo.

Nergal said: “My good friend, he was telling me some stories with some iconic people in L.A. And one of my absolutely favorite stories from his is… He was just a kiddo waiting outside some shows, and he would just come across Ozzy Osbourne. And he’s telling me, ‘Man, Ozzy Osbourne was cool. He [let me] take a photo. And they were super friendly and cool.

“And then I ended up at this party and I see there’s f*cking Anthony Kiedis [RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS] standing in front of me, so I just approached him in the most polite way, and I just asked him’ — that is amazing; I love it — I just patted him on the back and he just turned towards me, and I just asked him in a super-polite way, ‘Anthony, would you mind if I take a photo with you?’ And he goes, like, [in an assertive way] ‘Absolutely not.'”

“I can’t love it more than I do,” he continued. “I think it’s amazing. You know why? Because you actually… I mean, it’s cool if people do that [take pictures with fans]. I usually do that, but on many occasions, fans, they’re just all over you. They don’t know where the boundaries are; they don’t feel that. You’re in a restaurant having a date with a lady, and [they approach you excitedly], ‘Can we take a photo?’ ‘No.’

“And somehow [the Kiedis story] inspired me to say ‘no’ in a very assertive but polite way. So I have no problems with saying, ‘I’m sorry. This is a private meeting. I’m having a date. Hopefully next time.’ And I’m happy to see their reactions, which, nine out of 10 [times], are, like, ‘I respect that. Sorry for disturbing. See you next time. Can I just shake your hand?’ ‘Of course you can.’ And that is cool. And I developed that skill to say ‘no’ in a polite way because sometimes you must say no.”