BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL Speaks On What It’s Like Touring With SLIPKNOT

Nergal Corey Taylor

In a recent interview with, BEHEMOTH mastermind Adam “Nergal” Darski talked about touring with SLIPKNOT, discussing what Corey Taylor and rest of the band were like on the road.

When asked on what it was like to tour with SLIPKNOT, Nergal responded: “Well, maybe one of the best tours ever. First of all, on a personal level, they’re amazing, very helpful, you know — Corey Taylor would be so nice. He sang on the ME AND THAT MAN album [on the ‘How Come?’ song in 2020] and that was beautiful of him doing that, and he did a fantastic job.

“I’m friends with all of them — I mean, some are quite secluded, they stay away from crowds and parties, but [bassist Alessandro Venturella] V-Man is always there to get into trouble. Jay [Weinberg,] the drummer, is f*ckin’ the nicest dude out there. Corey‘s, you know, amazing… And like, really, each one of them — and [percussionist Shawn Crahan] ‘Clown’ — there’s not enough compliments that I can say about how well it went.

“We were treated with the utmost respect,” he continued. “That was the highest-paid tour we’ve ever got, and they did that because they really wanted to bring the best out of us. So, it’s not one of those bands where they’re like, ‘We’re gonna make SLIPKNOT look better than you, we’re gonna make you guys look like some unimportant band from ex-Soviet Union or whatever.’ No. No. They’re like, ‘Hey, we’re paying you more than what you usually get, but please, make sure you impress the f*ck out of the crowd.’ And we’re like, ‘You bet we will!’

“So, I’m extremely grateful for what SLIPKNOT did to us,” Nergal added. “It was game-changing, it really gave us so much. Every other person I talk to that’s from Europe or the U.S. goes, ‘Man, I saw you for the first time on the SLIPKNOT tour and I became an instant fan!’ Like, every other person. It really does work that way, so — SLIPKNOT, thank you so much.”