BEHIND THE HORROR Launch Band’s History Podcast ‘Every Story Has A beginning.’

The Brazilian power duo, BEHIND THE HORROR, is based in New Jersey and have just released a new podcast as an ongoing strategy to provide quality content for their fan base and local metal community. The two brothers Gabriel and Lucas Alves moved to New Jersey four years ago, from Goiás, Anápolis, in Central Brazil, in pursuit of their metal dream – to find a better place to grow as a band and as musicians. They have since rented a studio that they had to let go because of Covid restrictions, and as such have invested their energies in producing digital content to provide entertainment and diversified content to their fans during these harsh times.

Behind The Horror Podcast” is their new experience with digital content, where they will go through their old photos, videos and songs, to share with their community the story that brought them all the way from the legendary Morro da Capuava to their newfound home in New Jersey.

In the first episode, they dwell into the story of Sangria, the embryo band that ultimately grew into what we know today as BEHIND THE HORROR, the community they built around them in their hometown, the importance of the local scene and hometown heroes, and how, for music, they carved a path towards success. 

Watch the first episode of their podcast below.

As drummer Lucas Alves says: “every story has a beginning. Here is the first BEHIND THE HORROR podcast! In this episode, we talk about growing up as young metalheads in Central Brazil, how metal saved us from a tragic fate, and lead us to the awesome new place where we find ourselves today. Listen to it on YouTube or Spotify and stay tuned for the next episodes

This podcast comes five months after their debut release, Burn Up This Truth, a face-melting EP that explores influences that range from SLAYER and METALLICA to more contemporary experiences in the metal aesthetic, available to listen in their online platforms. The BEHIND THE HORROR podcast will be released monthly across platforms like YouTube and Spotify, and each episode will be filled with stories that span across 14 years of metal and growth.