BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS To Release ‘Hapeleptic Overtrove’ In June


Mighty NYC trio BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS have partnered with Willowtip Records for the June 12 release of Hapeleptic Overtrove, the band’s 7th recording, on vinyl LP and digital formats. The CD version will be released via P2.

The first single from Hapeleptic Overtrove, “Blessing in Disgust,” can be heard below.

The band released the following statement concerning the new album:
“The 7th BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS recording, Hapeleptic Overtrove is imminent! This time, the band teams up with Willowtip, P2, and Denses(s) for what will be our most extreme, unique, and controversial album. Colin Marston (Warr guitar) and Mike Lerner (guitar guitar) are joined by drummer Jason Bauers (previously of PSYOPUS), who has brought his experience with classical percussion to the table, allowing the drums to become another melodic voice, rather than just a metric skeleton.

“For the new compositions, inspiration was drawn from the non-traditional setup of English free jazz drummer Tony Oxley, and the percussion music of 20th century composers Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varese, and Elliott Carter. The drum kit for the new album removes extreme metal’s constant harsh static wash by deleting all hi-hats, crashes, and ride cymbals, replacing them with almglocken, wooden plank, metal pipe, broken stacks, and bell/chimes. Sticks are replaced by mallets, and, more importantly, the function of the drums is no longer to play ‘beats.’ Instead the drums take on a role more similar to the guitars, resulting in a sound closer to chamber music than rock.

“Is anyone else tired of how painfully slow metal has evolved recently compared to how quickly innovations occurred at the end of the last century? Think about how drastic and surprising changes were in the 5 years between 1988 and 1993, versus how stagnant metal between 2015 – 2020 has been. On Hapeleptic Overtrove, BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS shows the utmost respect for the true spirit of extreme metal: a musical world that should challenge the audience to listen to and think about things in new ways, while reveling in mystery, surprise and excess which is simultaneously baroque and primitive.”

Hapeleptic Overtrove track listing:

  1. Quithtion
  2. Adult Contemporary
  3. Telapthy Apathy
  4. Blessing in Disgust
  5. Forgotten Explanations
  6. Other Realms (Instrumental)
  7. Perverse.Esoteric.Different.
  8. Hapelectic Perspective Request
  9. Quithtion Overtrove
BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS 'Hapeleptic Overtrove'