Bekmork – The Path Nocturnal Review

With this EP Bekmork “The Path Nocturnal” all the dissonance expoected from the previous album was achieved with flying colors. Not that they were all intended, the lo-fi production helped a lot, but the outcome is an album full of blood and direct from the gut. Form where I’m standing, this album everything to do with the so-called true Black Metal spirit. It’s raw, full of blood, sweat, bile, and insides. Putrid is the term that comes to mind to explain my dear child of the night the pestilent music that comes from my speakers. It’s not everyday that an album with so much thirst for blood comes from the underground to reach the most obscure lands of this sad and pathetic and lonely little planet.

It’s very hard to someone that really likes Metal music not to be really interested for what Bekmork and “The Path Nocturnal” have to offer. Vocalist Dread Count Naberius not only vociferates but also gives the album something to rely on. The reach and diverse of his voice is a stapler to the band. He does not only the guttural voices but also all kinds of vociferations and outcries each song needs. This lo-fi production gives the album the dark aura it needed. The overall sonancy of it is a little raw to the ears of someone who’s used to the great level of production Metal reached these days. Raw isn’t the exact term to explain the music that is vomited by the speakers. From where I’m standing the album was recorded direct from the speakers without any kind of postproduction. The guitars sound like that. But not only, the drums sounds as if they were microphoned direct to the recording devices with no other kind of production. It’s the kind of natural sound that anyone who’s been in Metal band rehearsal have heard before. That’s it! “The Path Nocturnal” sounds as a demo tape recorded direct from a rehearsal without any kind of postproduction or treatment.

The fan who’ll listen to all the album will notice that the lo-fi production doens’t take the bright that comes from it. The band’s musical ideas are clear and well played. The only problem I see is that it1s an EP with few songs. Bekmork deserve much more from what I saw here. Let’s wait and see what a full length can do for the band.

Bekmork “The Path Nocturnal” was released on May 27th via Horns High Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hail to the Moths
  2. Huldra
  3. Black Waltz
  4. Red Snow (The Saga of Haakon Haraldsson)
  5. Empress of Charn

Watch “Hail to the Moths” official video here: