Bell – Tidecaller

In the mood for some more classic Metal act? I am. That’s the beauty he only Metal can provide us. You can go from a classic act to a modern band in a flash; hear a buzz guitar to a classical inspired one in a minute; hear some growls and mowls to a classical singing. Ah, how I love that! There’s no such thing as boredom in Metal.

Bell with “Tidecaller” is an epic doom metal band. I say epic because Bell don’t fit well in the tight labeling of doom. It’s more comfortable to label Bell as a classic act like Witchfinder General. The strong power chord riffs can’t deny that. Neither can the shoegazed cadence. “Tidecaller” is an album with a lot of strength, there’s no doubt about that. In all nine songs a powerful and heavy guitar takes the lead and conducts songs. And, it’s not the guitar solo that calls our attention, but the rhythm. Pretty unusual, hum? It’s not that the solos aren’t good and enough. They are, but the rhythm with its powerful riffs is so much richer.

A very well tuned voice is added to “Tidecaller” hodgepodge. It contrasts with the deep guitar tones. Bell abdicate all useless speed in order to build up a more powerful album. That’s what we see in “Tidecaller.” A band that uses creative and killer guitar riffs mixed with energetic and full of heart vocals in a simple and single way. Even more if the songs are long as they are in “Tidecaller.” I guess it was not intended, but I got a very refined 1990’s feeling in all songs, especially in “Blackened Sun.” Sometimes it’s the guitar, other times the vocals, as in “Reach Out,” but the feeling is alive and well. In my opinion, it fits very well. I guess the intent is just the same. Dense and thick atmosphere.

Track Listing:

  1. Secret Mountain
  2. Cross in the Sky
  3. Tidecaller
  4. Angels Blood
  5. Awoken
  6. Reach Out
  7. Blackened Sun
  8. Locked and Burrowed
  9. Dawn of the Reaper

Bell “Tidecaller” will be released on October 20th via High Roller Records.

Watch “Secret Mountain” official video here: